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    What is Sugar Alcohol

    Non-Intoxicating Alcohol, the Sugar Alcohol

    What is sugar alcohol? We know that alcohol is bad for us, but there are several kinds of alcohol which can be consumed daily with proper amount. One of those are sugar alcohol. A lot of people wandering what are the advantages and disadvantages of this alcohol and here is the answer.

    Advantages of sugar alcohol

    Sugar alcohol is known to have less calories compared to those usual sugar in the kitchen. This means that food with sugar alcohol have a lower chance for weight gain compared to normal sugar. This is obviously a solution for people who want to eat sweet foods without concerning the carbohydrates in it. Less calories means that it can lower blood glucose levels if you are used to consume normal sugar. Sometimes, sugar alcohols are used as an extra flavor or sweetness in a food you consume. You can use this on coffee, tea, or any other food you have already experimented with sugar alcohol.

    Disadvantages of Sugar Alcohol

    Although sugar alcohol have less calories, keep in mind that you should always check the Nutrition Facts label on every food products that you have already bought. Because sometimes, sugar alcohol have a high amount of carbohydrate. Food that use sugar alcohol sometimes contain more calories and fat, so keep that in mind. There are a couple of side effects for those who are quite sensitive with sugar alcohol. It has laxative effect which is disturbing and you do not want to go back and forth to the restroom. Sugar free products also cost more of your money, so if you have a limited amount of money you better start cutting off the serving size of your food.    

    If you still wondering about what is sugar alcohol, then after you have read this article, you should know it. It is a substitute sugar with less calories than the normal sugar and cost a little bit more. Use it when you want to prevent weight gain or avoiding more calories.  

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