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    Symptoms Of Alcohol Poisoning

    The Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning to Look Out For

    Alcohol poisoning is dangerous because people who are suffering with it are not in state where they can help themselves. They even get risk of dying. Seeing how dangerous alcohol poisoning is, you should understand the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. So, you can seek immediate medical care for those who are intoxicated.

    The symptoms of alcohol poisoning

    • Confuse
    • Disoriented
    • Vomiting
    • Seizures
    • Slow breathing (he/she breathes less than 8 times per minute)
    • Irregular breathing rhythm (it takes more than 10 seconds from one breath to the other)
    • His/her skins 
    • Cold temperature
    • Lay conscious but not responsive
    • Lay unconscious or cannot be awakened

    What to do if you see someone has alcohol poisoning

    1. Keep him/her awake and let him/her sitting up. Body’s function will be halt when there are too much alcohol in the bloodstream. By keeping him/her awake means you help him/her to force his/her body to keep working against loss of consciousness. Sitting him/her up will reduce the risk of choking when he/she is vomiting.
    2. Give his/her some water, if he/she can drink it. Alcohol can cause dehydration. Water will keep him/her hydrated and water can reduce the alcohol level in bloodstream.
    3. If he/she is passing out, put him/her in the recovery position where he/she lies on their side. If he/she is supine, tilt his/her head to one side. All of these position will prevent intoxicated person choking on his/her vomit.
    4. Check his/her breaths. Too much alcohol in blood can slow down the body including breathe function. Check whether his/her is breathing properly. If his/her breathing is slower and slower after the times, call 911 or medical care immediately. 
    5. Keep his/her warm. Alcohol can decrease body temperature. By keeping him/her warm, you will prevent him/her getting hypothermia.
    6. Monitor his/her symptoms. If you see his/her symptoms of alcohol poisoning getting worse, call 911 immediately.

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