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    Coors Light Alcohol Content

    The Amount of Alcohol Content in Coors Light Beer

    Coors Light is a light beer brand produced by Coors Brewing Company in 1978. Coors Light alcohol content is 4.2 percent of ABV with calories lower than 150 calories. The brand is still existed until now and its popularity is still intact throughout the times.

    Coors Light was created in 1978 to give what people need at that time and years later. Around that time, people were concerned to adopt healthy lifestyles, but they still wanted to live their life by drinking beers. In 70s, the production of light beer was not as big as today’s production and people did not have interest to drink light beer.

     However, more and more people started to realize how important the healthy lifestyles are. They knew that beer is not good for the health if it contains higher percentage of alcohol. Though they knew that, they were still not ready to lose beers in their life. Seeing this phenomena, the company introduced Coors Light to the market in 1978.

    Coors Light alcohol content is considered low compared to other beers in which the average of alcohol content is 5 percent of ABV. Most alcohol beverages contain high amount of calories. It is unclear why the calories are high in alcohol beverages. Maybe it is because the amount of sugar used in production or maybe the calories are by-product. The amount of calories and carbs in Coors Light are considered low that attract people who are concerning their body weight. Coors Light contains 102 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrate. Coors Light might be not included in one of the best light beers, but it can be your choice when you want to something to drink while dieting.

    Since Coors Light alcohol content is low, people who have low tolerance with alcohol could enjoy this beverage without having headache later. 

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