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    Bud Light Alcohol Content

    Knowing More the Level of Alcohol in Bud Light

    Bud Light Alcohol Content becomes one of interesting topic to talk, especially if you like this product. Like other product, there is several level of alcohol content on the beer product. Bud Light is also one of them. So, how high is it alcohol content?

    Bud Light Alcohol Content Level

    As we all know, Budweiser has many different product. And the type of their beer is differentiated by the alcohol level. For the lighter beer, they call it Bud Light. So, here is the interesting thing. The alcohol content on this product is only 4.2 percent. More than that, this product also has 110 calories per 12 oz. And, if you compared with regular Budweiser, it’s pretty close. The regular one has 5 percent alcohol content level. We don’t know what is the difference when you drink the 4.2 percent of Bud Light Alcohol Content and 5 percent. For you who love this product, you may can tell the big different between these two type. However, from the price-wise, they are not too much different. Therefore, it’s like Budweiser only try to give more options for getting more profit from their product.

    Which One Should You Choose

    Actually, the regular and light doesn’t matter. They can be said as the normal compared to the highest alcohol content of the beer product in US. The highest one is Sam Adams Triple Bock alcohol content that reach 17.5 percent. Of course, even though it has lower alcohol content level, you still need to be careful when you consume it. Do not consume it more than it should be, because it will give you more problems, especially if you drink it before driving your car.
    Actually, it doesn’t apply on the Bud Light only. You also need to know the alcohol content of other product to make sure you are consuming the right and safer product. That way you can avoid many problems by using the reference from Bud Light Alcohol Content.

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