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    Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms

    Classic Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms that You Should Aware

    Alcohol poisoning have big consequences that even can lead to death if it is not treated immediately. Classic alcohol poisoning symptoms have few numbers, but it is not necessary to find all the symptoms before you seek medical care. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you suspect someone you know has alcohol poisoning even if he/she shows only one or two symptoms. The faster you get help, the faster his/her condition will get better.

    Alcohol poisoning symptoms

    • Disoriented
    • Vomiting
    • Seizures
    • Low breathing rates (he/she breathes less than 8 times per minute)
    • Irregular breathing rhythm (it takes more than 10 seconds from one breath to the other)
    • His/her skins look bluish or pale
    • Cold temperature
    • Lay unconscious or cannot be awakened

    The cause

    Most of alcohol poisoning cases are cause by drinking large amount of liquor in short time period. It has a pattern. Binge drinking for male is considered when he drinks five or more liquors within two hours, while for women is considered when she drinks four or more liquors within two hours.
    Besides binge drinking, particular alcohols such as isopropyl alcohol and methanol which found in cleaning products, disinfectants, paints, and solvents, also cause alcohol poisoning. Though they cause different types of toxic poisoning.

    Your body has difficulties to get rid the alcohol. Liver is the one which responsible to metabolize alcohol. Just like your muscles become bigger when you work out, your liver becomes bigger too when you often expose it with alcohol drinks.

    Liver and other gastrointestinal organs keep metabolizing alcohol and releasing to bloodstream even when you are passing out. Bloodstream will carry the alcohol throughout your body. It makes the alcohol level increase continuously and the symptoms appear. If you see classic alcohol poisoning symptoms mentioned above, call 911 or hospital for quick treatment. 

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